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Instead of using something relatively harmless they chose something that could potentially end up being what wipes out mankind because they genetically engineer it to be impervious to any form of treatment. Idiotic in my mind. Whoever funded the research along with the idiot scientist that decided to use a potentially deadly strain of bacteria should be shot and their research specific to the E.

Yes, the research has profound implications for medical use and development of vastly superior new materials. However, who do you think will control those new materials? They will be solely controlled by elite members of corporations along with mutually interested tyrannical government officials. Then it will be used to perpetrate even stricter, more efficient means of control over the masses. I fear for seeing how this research is applied and what it is applied to. Coli is relatively harmless, dolt. Your colon full of it- you more than most.

This is an incredibly ignorant criticism. Most strands of E.

Central dogma and the genetic code

Coli are completely harmless, and it naturally occurs in the gut of most warm-blooded animals. Second, did you read the article? Scientists made the bacteria more resistant to viral infection and disease, but not resistant to standard treatment. Really how dumb are you? E coli is harmless in most forms and you are thinking of the few cases where it harms people, and honestly E coli is not something to be very scared of even if it was weaponized which is pretty easy to do.

There are tons of other weaponized strains of bacterias and viruses like weaponized anthrax, measles, influenza etc etc. Honestly these strains have been around for a while but they are kept in a very tight vault and have virtually no chance of getting out.

Got a tip?

Just turn that side of your brain off, or you can do us a favor and do what you suggested these scientist to do. You would think people would google a bit of this stuff before posting something ignorant. It is an model organism and believe or not you have E.


This is probably the most harmless you can use because of how extensively E. Logan, they chose E. It is the safest, most studied and understood bacterial species. At 3 am on May 27 Matthaei used phenylalanine for the "hot" test tube. After an hour, the control tubes showed a background level of 70 counts, whereas the hot tube showed 38, counts per milligram of protein. Therefore, polyU coded for polyphenylalanine, consistent with UUU coding for phenylalanine. At the time the number of bases per codon could not be determined.

The two kept their breakthrough a secret from the larger scientific community until they could complete further experiments with other strands of synthetic RNA such as Poly-A and prepare papers for publication.

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Using the three-letter poly-U experiment as a model, the research team discovered that AAA three adenines was the code word or " codon " for the amino acid lysine, and CCC three cytosines was the code word for proline. They also discovered that by replacing one or two units of a triplet with other nucleotides, they could direct the production of other amino acids. The experimentation with synthetic RNA in a cell-free system was a key technical innovation. In , when they announced their methods for decoding the relationship of mRNA to amino acids, there was still a lot of experimentation required before the entire code was deciphered.

The scientists had to determine which bases made up each codon, then determine the sequence of bases in the codons. This proved to be a tremendous amount of work. In and , Nirenberg's postdoctoral researcher, Philip Leder, developed a filtration machine that allowed the NIH research team determine the order of the nucleotides in the codons.

This development sped up the process of assigning code words to amino acids. By , Nirenberg announced that he had deciphered the sixty-four RNA codons for all twenty amino acids. For his ground-breaking work on the genetic code, Nirenberg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Working independently, Khorana had mastered the synthesis of nucleic acids, and Holley had discovered the exact chemical structure of transfer-RNA.

The New York Times reported on Nirenberg's discovery by explaining that "the science of biology has reached a new frontier," leading to "a revolution far greater in its potential significance than the atomic or hydrogen bomb. However, there were some who were concerned with the new area of Molecular Genetics.

Genetic code in hindi

For example, Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius , the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, asserted that knowledge of the genetic code could "lead to methods of tampering with life, of creating new diseases, of controlling minds, of influencing heredity, even perhaps in certain desired directions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the genetic code , which allows DNA and RNA sequences to be "decoded" into the amino acids of a protein.

Genes that provide instructions for proteins are expressed in a two-step process. In translation , the sequence of nucleotides in the mRNA is "translated" into a sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide protein chain.

Scientists Create an Organism with a New Genetic Code

If this is a new concept for you, you may want to learn more by watching Sal's video on transcription and translation. Cells decode mRNAs by reading their nucleotides in groups of three, called codons. Here are some features of codons:.

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Most codons specify an amino acid Three "stop" codons mark the end of a protein One "start" codon, AUG, marks the beginning of a protein and also encodes the amino acid methionine. Codons in an mRNA are read during translation, beginning with a start codon and continuing until a stop codon is reached.

The full set of relationships between codons and amino acids or stop signals is called the genetic code. The genetic code is often summarized in a table. Notice that many amino acids are represented in the table by more than one codon. For instance, there are six different ways to "write" leucine in the language of mRNA see if you can find all six.

An important point about the genetic code is that it's universal.