Food Ethics (Professional Ethics)

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Specialty Food Association's ethics goal

As Specialty Food Association Members, we have responsibility to the specialty food industry and, in particular, to our customers, personnel and the Association. We hereby agree to:.

This Code of Ethics does not set forth all aspects of good conduct and ethical behavior. Acceptance of, and adherence to this Code is a condition of membership.

Complaints will not be considered from non-Members or former Members. Specialty Food Association's Business Purpose The business purpose of Specialty Food Association is to foster trade, commerce and interest in the specialty food industry.

Professional Code of Ethics -

Specialty Food Association's ethics goal The Specialty Food Association, by adopting and enforcing this Code, seeks to maintain and enhance the reputation of our Association and of our Members within the industry and to enhance the ability of our Members to deal with one another and their customers fairly and equitably and with mutual confidence and trust.

Specialty Food Association code of ethics As Specialty Food Association Members, we have responsibility to the specialty food industry and, in particular, to our customers, personnel and the Association. We hereby agree to: Maintain the highest standards of business conduct by using only legal and ethical means in all business activity. Actively promote and encourage the highest level of integrity within the specialty food trade. Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with other Association Members and work with them toward the advancement of the specialty food trade.

Be fair, equitable and respectful to employer s , employees, associates, competitors, customers, the public, and all business or professional relationships. Treat all customers and suppliers honestly, fairly and objectively.

Commit to the development and use of the highest standards and practices for the marketing and sale of specialty food products. Observe all applicable state, federal, foreign or international laws and regulations pertaining to the production, processing, labeling, handling, importing, distributing, promoting and selling of specialty food products.

Provide a safe working environment. Avoid knowingly dealing with those who use any forced labor, whether in the form of prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or otherwise exploitative working conditions. Avoid any unfair or deceptive practice and always present our products and services in an honest and forthright manner. Be responsive to and available for customers before, during and after the sale. Provide proper, fair and reasonable service to customers including, but not limited to, after-sales service in accordance with best industry practices.

Practical Ethics for Food Professionals: Ethics in Research, Education and the Workplace

Refrain from discriminatory practices in dealing with our employees, providers and customers. Respect the rights of others concerning their intellectual property such as patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets and, if any innocent breach occurs, promptly address and rectify any such breach. Comply with all laws concerning antitrust and competition and all laws that prohibit restraints of trade, predatory economic activities and unfair or unethical business practices.

Recognize that other Members will compete for business within lawful, reasonable and customary practice. Never engage in any legally improper communication or agreements with competitors.

Never make false statements about competitors. Comply with all applicable antitrust and other laws regarding agreements with competitors to: Make a full and frank disclosure to customers of all material terms of any agreement with them. Comply in good faith with contractual obligations. Maintain adequate commercial general and product liability insurance, to provide for Specialty Food Association as an additional named insured, and to provide Specialty Food Association with evidence of such insurance on request.

Specialty Food Association's Business Purpose

Support the Association by taking an active role in Specialty Food Association activities and promoting the Association to the food industry at large. Represent Specialty Food Association, its positions, policies and fellow Members in a positive, constructive and professional manner. Conduct business in our countries of operation in accordance with any applicable trade restrictions, export controls or anti-boycott laws and regulations imposed by such countries. Responsible health and nutrition claims in Europe Sue Davies.

The volume leads the reader to conclude that application of practical ethics to each link of the commercial food chain would greatly benefit all, from the producer to the consumer. Ethics in Research, Education and the Workplace edited by J. Peter Clark and Christopher Ritson, to any academics, teachers, and students in any food related and agricultural program, business leaders in the food industry, primary agricultural producers, public policy makers, and activists seeking a clear and practical series of essays that offer a complete overview of values and ethics in the food industry.

This book should be a must read for anyone making decisions within any part of the food industry. Practical Ethics for Food Professionals: Ethics in Research, Education and the Workplace. Ethics in Research, Education and the Workplace J. Added to Your Shopping Cart.

Description Food Ethics (Professional Ethics) (): Ben Mepham: Books. 1. Code of Ethics for Food Science and Technology Professionals1. Statement of purpose. Food Industry Professionals are present in Industry (large or SMEs).

Description This book offers a practical guide to the most pressing ethical issues faced by those working in food manufacturing and associated industries. About the Author Dr J.