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FAST1 Sternal IO
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IO Infusion is an accepted standard of care and treatment modality. Success rates for IO infusion are as high as or higher than IV. Flow rates and volume that can be delivered by IO Infusion are comparable to IV and the time for fluids or medications to reach the vasculature, concentrations in the blood, and effects on target organs are similar between IO Infusion and IV.

Procedures to administer IO infusion are relatively simple and can be taught quickly to all medical providers in military, pre-hospital, or hospital environments. Most organizations define this as two failed IV attempts. The average time it takes to initiate an IV infusion also varies significantly from 1. This is a challenging procedure under the best of conditions.

Who is FAST1 Sternal IO for?

This is taught in ATLS and some military medical training. The mean infusion time for the cut-down group was 6. This device can also be used with a cervical spine collar in place for immobilization. The two most important variables are the blood pressure of the patient and the type of infusion system used. Note that in cases of severe shock, changes in peripheral venous flow rates make venous access very difficult and may potentially delay the time for medications to reach the target organs by IV.

In the pre-hospital environment it provides a safe and quick alternative to the traditional IV. FAST1 is placed in the manubrium of the sternum. The manubrium is located at the cephalad top portion of the sternum. The hand placement for CPR chest compressions is located just cephalad of the xiphoid process bottom portion of the sternum. The position and placement of FAST devices and the hands for chest compressions are separated by the entire body of the sternum.

Pioneering Sternal IO Technology Since 1997

Chest compressions if done correctly will not affect the placement of the FAST infusion tube. With proper deployment of FAST1 , chest compressions can continue while fluids are administered.

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Von Hoff, DD, et. Today, Pyng engineers life-saving trauma and resuscitation products for both civilian and military medical and first response personnel. Vancouver Branding Agency Studiothink. Patents Investors News Contact Buy. When seconds count, you need sternal IO that simply works — period. FAST1 can be placed and vascular access essentially equivalent to a central venous line achieved in 10 seconds with medications reaching the heart within 30 seconds. Quickest route to the heart: Exact placement every time. Automatic depth control for safe delivery above the lungs and heart. Easy to use even for new medical professionals.

Sterile, single-use, disposable product with no risk of cross-contamination. Flexible with soft, low-profile, secure tubing.

Lightweight design allows portability in medic packs. This world record attempt will also be accomplished with attention to environmental aspects.

Our mission requires a perfectly orchestrated coordination of all parts relevant for our success: Combined with a functional, aerodynamically sophisticated design an extremely powerful overall package will be created. This will allow for a performance improvement of approx. The anticipated high cruising speed in almost all weather and visibility conditions require the use of very advanced on-board electronic and optic equipment.

A long-range scan and the observation of the sea surface on the course track has to be ensured in order to avoid collision with semisubmerged obstacles and objects.

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The most advanced equipment for that purpose has been secured for our mission. A special communications- and monitoring facility to be used for our sponsors and partner is being planned as well. The UIM was founded in and is based in Monaco. Today the UIM is home to 60 national organisations and is the only official body worldwide responsible for all motorized water sports competitions. It also sets the framework conditions and rules for the planned world record rounding with a motorized fast watercraft:.

Decisions on the preferred route have to comply with the framework defined by the governing Union Internationale Motonautique UIM:.

Due to the anticipated weather and current conditions on the oceans, we will adapt our route planning to our time window. This could be one scenario:.

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In direct competition with Soviet submarine technology, the USS Triton was to document its extraordinary performance through a global circumnavigation run. The main objective of the project was to cover the distance without surfacing.

pull a fast one

This project failed only due to a medical emergency on board, there was never a purely technical need for the submarine to surface. Back then, this was a great achievement and received a great deal of public attention. A top speed of about 27 knots underwater was the new benchmark in the western world. Under these conditions, the skipper Ian Bosworth was able to break the world record previously set by the USS Triton and finish his tour after 74 days: To improve the cable and wireless adventurer's world record, the LOMOcean Design team had to break new ground.

And stressful it was for the crew as well. But this concept enabled the skipper Pete Bethune on For ages, man has been fighting the forces of nature.