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Captain's Quick Guides - Emergencies On Board
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Basic First Aid for Medical Emergencies

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Marine Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Edition

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This course includes an amazing amount of information If the RYA course is not available try to find one that includes hypothermia and drowning. More information is available from RYA Training.

On all but the smallest boats, it is good practice to have two first aid kits on board. The first aid kit should be stored in a damp proof strong canvas bag, or box which is clearly labelled. Your first aid kit should not be forgotten in your maintenance routine, as medicines will go out of date. Check the contents and dates regularly and retain the instructions for all items. A very basic first aid kit will be needed for inshore boating. Sun cream and medication relative to the crew needs e. Gloves, thermal protective aid, triangular bandages, supporting crepe bandage, tough cut shears for cutting clothing , tweezers, resuscitation pocket mask.

First aid best practice and advice is continually changing and evolving.

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Taking up to date advice and tailoring the first aid kit to the individuals are both essential elements of voyage preparation. The further offshore you go and the longer passages you undertake, the more you increase the need for self-sufficiency. A medical history for the crew on board and advice from their doctor on the medicines required, storage conditions and any likely complications would be worth considering.

Nevertheless in general you should think about whether you need to be equipped to deal with eye problems, allergic reactions, cold sores, thrush, severe pain, infections, dental problems, vomiting and diarrhoea, angina and more significant wounds.

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Emergency First Aid On Board: A Captain's Quick Guide (Captain's Quick Guides) [Richard Clinchy] on acefanodewud.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Emergency First Aid On Board: A Captain's Quick Guide (Captain's Quick Guides) eBook: Richard A. Clinchy: acefanodewud.cf: Kindle Store.

A vessel operating commercially is required to carry certain drugs on board by the Merchant Shipping Medical Stores Regulations , and is therefore able to obtain certain controlled drugs without a prescription. A private yachtsman is however effectively in the same position as a private individual ashore, therefore whilst drugs such as very strong painkillers and antibiotics may be desirable, such controlled drugs can only be obtained with a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner; illegal possession could result in prosecution.

Although these are not RYA courses they are offered by some RYA Training Centres, where it is likely the course will be geared more towards yachts than ships. Gloves, thermal protective aid, triangular bandages, supporting crepe bandage, tough cut shears, tweezers, hot water bottle, splinting equipment, neck collar, needles and syringes, pocket mask for resuscitation, dental care kit, oxygen, defibrillator, suctioning equipment, suture kit, scalpel, forceps, thermometer, scissors, instrument cleaning kit, safe disposal equipment, cathetering equipment, stethoscope, hypothermic thermometer, blood pressure monitor, body bag,.

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