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This series kind of crept in and held me hostage. My laundry is suffering greatly. Book two picks up several months where we left off. This story had a pretty nice set up in the previous book. The surprise once again were the secondary characters.

Promises in the Dark

Tyler has a way of writing a character www. Tyler has a way of writing a character that may not get as much page time with just as much depth as her main characters. It kind of amazes me. This book has a little bit of everything. You will run through Africa trying to evade warlords and terrorists.

You can stay stateside and hack nuclear power plant computer systems. This book offers it all. I love that the men in these books are trained, hardened operatives and after they meet the woman that is going to be the center of their universe they don't drop what they are doing to start knitting.

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There are no quick purchases of houses with white picket fences and that puppy in the window. The women need to accept that these are warriors and that is not going to change just because they have someone to come home to after a mission. I already have book 3 in my paws and I am pretty sure it will be devoured shortly. Who needs sleep right? I started off this book almost a year after reading it's predecessor, Lie With Me.

I loved reading about Cameron and Skylar. So why then didn't I pick up this book sooner? I honestly don't know what it was, but Zane Scott caught my heart from the moment he made an appearance in Cam's book. His demeanor lured me in and I started off this book almost a year after reading it's predecessor, Lie With Me. His demeanor lured me in and wrung me tight. I have a special place in my heart for the wounded. The savagely beautiful and feral male leads, they make me want to heal them.

Zane was part of the mission that was meant to save her from DMH, and it's haunted Zane ever since. Six months later however, and Olivia has escaped from captors in Africa!

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I'm not put off by the things I mentioned, just slightly irritated by them. Who needs sleep right? When he and his brothers receive news of an American female doctor on the run after surviving a clinic bombing in Africa, he finds himself back on African soil, a place that still haunts him ever since he barely survived brutality there as a child of missionary parents. Shadow Force 4 books. A boozy Broadway actress comes out of a week cure to face the problems of her best friends as well as her needy daughter. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. I also thought the side relationships were really great and entertaining.

So, Zane is making it his personal problem to make sure she comes back to the United States where she belongs. But the last thing the doctor needs is the hot headed NAVY SEAL to save her, her past burdens carry a dark secret she is unwilling to share with anyone, including Zane. Can he convince her to come back to the States, stopping DMH's reign of terror and saving each other's souls? I believe I already mention my love for Zane. He carries a secret from his past with him as well, and he's the type who finds it hard to let anyone in. It took him years to warm up to his family. But it's because so many don't understand the pain that has been inflicted on him since he was a young boy.

See, Zane was adopted by the Scott family, taken to the United States and had to learn to trust the family who came to his rescue when he had no one. I loved how resilient he was, and how patient with Olivia.

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He knew she'd been through something horrible both during her younger years, and recently at the hands of DMH. So bringing her back to the US wasn't going to be easy, he knew that, yet he persisted, and waited for her to come to her senses. Olivia as horrifying as her situation was, and no matter how hopeless it might have seemed for her, kept running. She refused to be captured again by DMH, and so, she did what she had to in order to survive in a foreign country.

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I am in awe of this woman, both for her strength in surviving as a young girl, and the courage it must have taken for her to bomb a clinic of one of the most notorious and ruthless terrorist groups in the world. It wasn't easy for her, but eventually she knew she had to learn to trust someone, and when Zane came along, she found in him the hand she needed to come back to herself.

I loved the chemistry between these two, and the suspense from trying to see what would happen next had me squealing and reacting like I haven't in so long.

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Then we get to read about Cael, Zane's older brother, and his mission to capture Vivi, conspiracy theorist's daughter, before DMH could get to her. Dylan, their oldest brother also makes a come back in this book, and I loved all their interactions. It has been months since a book made me react to each character this way, and I'm so glad Promises in the Dark did. It's giving me reason to read again, my reading slump is still there, but thanks to Stephanie's Shadow Force, I'm ready to tackle this hobby once more: D There is an issue I had with this book however, and I mentioned it in my review for Lie with Me as well.

The consistent POV change. I seriously don't mind POV changes in books cause it keeps stories interesting, but when you're DYING to figure out what's going to happen between two characters and you all of a sudden get thrust into the second and third pair's troubles, it's disconcerting. I loved the book though, it's definitely an edge of your seat romantic suspense thriller. Oct 22, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: This book begins six months after the end of Lie With Me.

Zane has been haunted by the fact that they weren't able to rescue Olivia from DMH. When he hears that she's escaped and is on the run in Africa, he is determined to rescue her. What he doesn't expect is her refusal to be rescued. She knows the people at DMH want her back and will stop at nothing to get her. She doesn't want anyone else to get hurt because of her. I liked Zane and Olivia. Both have some serious baggage that keeps them fro This book begins six months after the end of Lie With Me.

Both have some serious baggage that keeps them from getting close to other people, but from the beginning they connect with each other. Zane had been a street kid in Africa after his missionary parents were killed. He had been taken and sold, but escaped soon after. Several years later he was found and adopted but has always had trouble trusting anyone but his brothers. Throughout the story we see just how close that relationship is. He's not sure why he is so obsessed with finding Olivia, but he goes with it.

Meanwhile, Olivia has managed to escape her captors after having been forced to do black market organ transplants. She feels tremendous guilt over it and would rather stay there and do some good rather than go back to the US. As they work to evade those who are chasing them they also find themselves sharing things they've never talked about with anyone else.

The chemistry between them is also strong and they wonder if there's a chance for a future together. I really enjoyed seeing the way that their developing relationship helped both of them deal with some of the traumas of their pasts. There are two secondary stories also. Zane's brother Caleb has been tasked with capturing Vivienne, a computer guru who is suspected of selling a program to DMH. It doesn't take long for him to figure out that she's innocent of those charges. Now he has to protect her while she figures out a way to safeguard the program and make it useless to the terrorists.

I liked Caleb a lot. He has a protective streak a mile wide, as shown in his interactions with his two brothers. That protectiveness adds another layer with Vivi because he is so attracted to her that he just can't fight it. He had some tough choices to make while trying to find out if she was one of the good guys or not. Vivi is one of those supersmart people who has never had good luck with relationships.

She's not quite sure whether she can trust Caleb or not but her instincts say yes. She has to decide if she can also trust him with her heart. There is a third storyline involving a medical mission in Africa. This is one of the places that Zane and Olivia end up during their escape. Rowan is a former military medic who goes there to help and as a way to find some inner peace after years of war. There she meets Tristan, a man who works closely with the clinic, training people who provide security there and at other clinics.

I liked Rowan's strength as she deals with the dangers surrounding the clinic and directly affecting one of her patients. She's also stunned by the immediate attraction she feels for Tristan. Tristan is experiencing the same attraction, stronger than he's felt for anyone else.

He's hoping that she can stick it out and give them a chance at a future together. The action is good as they have to evade capture. We also get periods of having the story told by DMH's point of view and see that everything is not going smoothly there. Internal conflict is shown and it's interesting to see how this conflict affects the pursuit of our two ladies.

The conclusion is pretty good, with some things still left unresolved to lead into the next book. Feb 21, Ruth rated it liked it Shelves: I had been somewhat anticipating reading Promises in the Dark, the story is based around Zane and Olivia who had been kidnapped in the previous book. Zane has been searching for Olivia for the past 6 months that she's been gone and has now found her. Only to find out that she doesn't want to be rescued. She is avoiding DMH her kidnappers while on the run and feels that if she was to go home, it would put everyone around her in danger.

While Zane is away, Cael also manages to find love in the I had been somewhat anticipating reading Promises in the Dark, the story is based around Zane and Olivia who had been kidnapped in the previous book. While Zane is away, Cael also manages to find love in the form of a computer specialist, who also happens to be suspected of cavorting with DMH on the side. I thought that this book had a lot of potential, and I still enjoyed reading it. However, there were some flaws that just ruined parts of the book for me.

There was too much sex in the book. Completely unnecessary, it was as though the author was trying to lengthen the book with as many love scenes as possible. None of the sex scenes, fortunately, were too graphic or erotic. I was actually really enjoying Cael and Vivi's story And then once he FINALLY believes her innocence, they don't even have a conversation about the whole 'distrust and captivity' before he unwraps her towel?!?!?

I found it incredibly difficult to relate to Vivi in this scene, in the book, it made it feel more like rape because of the situation that they were in. And yet Vivi doesn't feel the need to make Cael work for her forgiveness or her trust. It even seemed completely outside of Vivi's character to completely forgive Cael on the spot. I found it nearly impossible to be rooting for this couple because of this. The first half of the book they did great, but then my support of their love got trashed by both of their attitudes during the whole kidnapping scenario. Cael's story could've been told MUCH better than it was.

Vivi's character seemed to clash with itself. At some points she's brave and shows some real strength. And then other times she has no backbone whatsoever and practically begs at times when she should be standing up for herself. Aside from these issues, I still enjoyed the book.

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One the positive side, I really enjoyed Tristan and Rowan's story aside from the random alpha male scene that first occurs in the tent. The author also did a great job with Zane and Olivia's story, you really bond with those characters. Stephanie Tyler does a great job with world-building and bringing the reader into the situation. I will still read the next book in the series and can only hope that the next book finalizes the story of Vivi and Cael and that both of them will grow some balls and stand up to each other! I've read a lot of reviews on this book that said the first book Lie With Me was better than this one.

I actually enjoyed this one a bit more, I think. Though there were still a lot of flashbacks, they seemed more necessary to this story. There were three different couples in this story, and I've figured out Stephanie Tyler's secret. Instead of writing a full length novel about one couple, her formula is to write two to three novellas that take place at the same time and then break them up, soo I've read a lot of reviews on this book that said the first book Lie With Me was better than this one.

Precious Time

Instead of writing a full length novel about one couple, her formula is to write two to three novellas that take place at the same time and then break them up, soo I feel like I have to review them separately. Olivia and Zane were "the main couple", although I think all three of them got a similar amount of time here. They were both tortured souls who had been through some similar situations. I liked their journey very much.

They had to deal with some pretty emotional stuff and they learned to trust each other pretty quickly.

The resolution to their conflict was suspenseful and it brought them full circle and hoping to find a new normal together. Tristan and Rowan strangely was the couple I liked the most in the book, although it was so odd the way they came together. Again, as it seems this author's formula, they have been through some similar situations and have great understanding of each other's issues.

I like where we left them and hope we might see them again Doc J's camp would be a good place to visit in future books. Vivi and Caleb's relationship was just alright, and with no resolution I can only assume we will continue with them in the next book. I would like to see more where the brothers are together and see some camaraderie between them and not just in flashbacks!!

Overall issues with the book and this author in general: These couples meet each other, have instant attraction, spill their guts about everything bad that's ever happened to them, and then jump in the sack together They're in love now and even though they're being stalked and followed by a terrorist group, they have time to stop and get it on as often as possible and they even make time to have flashbacks and spill more of their dirty secrets.

I really have to suspend reality in order to enjoy these books, but that's okay I don't read them for reality. Sometimes it makes me pause and scratch my head, though. I typically like books with more than one couple, but the way the author breaks these up feels a little disjointed at times. She pauses in the most awkward places at several points in the book, then moves to another couple.

I will continue with the series because I do enjoy these dangerous men so very much! I'm not put off by the things I mentioned, just slightly irritated by them. Olivia Strohm having escaped her evil captors. Meanwhile, Zane has spent all of his free time trying to track down and rescue Olivia. Together they make their way to a small missionary medical treatment clinic on their way to safety. He has to decide if he can trust Vivi with the lives of his brother, Olivia and countless other innocent people, and if he should act on his growing attraction for Vivi.

What a good story this is! Can two damaged individuals get past their suffering and learn to trust and love? Two people with different backgrounds but both dealing with a lot of pain. She had a wonderful love, but lost it tragically. He was betrayed by someone he thought loved him. They are from two different worlds, and she is a character of interest in his investigation. Can he determine the truth in time to save lives and his heart? In the end, each of these romances and story lines integrates into one fantastic tale!

Beyond the love stories, there are some major things happening with the terrorist group, DMH, which should make for an interesting start to the next book. Not only is this book full of wonderful romance and HOT smex, but the action is suspenseful and riveting. Tyler has created an engrossing world of black ops and special missions, where the good guys are big and sexy and the bad guys are evil. Really enjoyed - strongly recommend A- For my full review, please visit my blog at http: Dec 18, Hbeebti rated it really liked it Shelves: I am on the fence if I liked this one more than the first one.

Thing is that are three story lines going on here. I would have been happier with two. In fact more Olivia and Zane , a little of Caleb and Vivi and call it good. But Rowen and Tristan were good and all, in fact their stories were heartfelt and blended well with the others. But it took away from the main characters their page time.

Overall as usual I enjoyed ST books.

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I look forward to the next one. Hope the story in the next one f I am on the fence if I liked this one more than the first one. Hope the story in the next one flows as well as the first two. I have no doubts though. Love all the action ST packs in her books.: Jun 05, Mareli rated it really liked it. But, in this second book, I still miss the passion. Both the 1st and the 2nd book are a bit lacking on the loving, in my opinion.

But the author writes very good and I'm already onto the next one besid okay, it was more 3. But the author writes very good and I'm already onto the next one besides I need to know what will happen between two people ; Three relationships in total, which made it hard to follow at times with the multiple pov's. I usually soak up the multiple pov with relish, but with all three meeting and getting together in the same book made it impossible to keep straight at times.

May 22, Jessica added it. Way too much going on. There were three separate romances going on which did not add to the plot in any way I could see. It was very distracting and I think the book would have been much better without two of them. Mar 19, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: This was definitely better than the first book in the series, I felt more of a connection with the characters and I enjoyed the plot more.

I also thought the side relationships were really great and entertaining. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Always the same problem with the author's style. This time there are up to 9 points of view, quite a bit of head jumping to follow. On the bright side, the plots were good and the characters realistic. But I'm not going on with this author. May 14, MaggieReadsRom rated it really liked it Shelves: The incessant calls echoed in his ear, a mix of Krio and English he wouldn't soon forget as he ran through the crowded marketplace along the narrow streets by the harbor.

Zane was a character that very much intrigued me in that book. Olivia 'Liv' Strohm is a strong and determined woman. I really admired Olivia's character. I truly love Stephanie Tyler's male characters and Zane, and his brother Caleb for that matter too, was no exception but even more than the men, I adore her female characters. F Major Product Type: The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed information about this particular arrangement of Promises In the Dark - not necessarily the song. Not the arrangement you were looking for? Pat Benatar Number of Pages: F3-A5 Piano Guitar Scoring: Easy Folk Rock feel Metronome: Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo Lyricists: Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo Date: Never again, isn't that what you said?

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